Regular top layers


We have been producing hardwood lamellas since the early beginning of our company and are experts in this field. We control the drying process of the KD boards and mostly split lamellas from these boards, avoiding microcracks and discoloration. We primarily use Dutch grading rules for lamella grading, but it's possible to adjust under the client's grading rules

Some of the most popular items are available in stock and can be delivered within 2-3 weeks. For full loadings or special requests, delivery typically takes 6-8 weeks Contact us for more information.


From 2.8mm to 9mm

Mostly we produce 3.2mm and 4.5mm, but depending on the client's needs, we can adjust it in the range between 2.8mm to 9.0mm. Tolerance: ±0.15mm. Calibration: sanding grit 80


from 60mm to 260mm

The width is one of the most immportant size, but because of the hundreds of variations in the market, we do the widths under the client requirements. Tolerance: +-1mm


From 420mm to 2920m

Depending if the client produce Chevron, herringbone or the regular plank flooring we adjust the lengths to the widths. We do fix and we do running. Overlength -20mm


"Whether it's European Oak, American Walnut, or another exotic species, our experience and unique network of suppliers enable us to offer what others cannot. We meticulously preserve every board and evaluate every defect, maximizing the use of what nature has provided. Our machinery is specially selected and adjusted to ensure everything is processed within the maximum limits, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Each exclusive order comes with distinct pricing, varying from 1 week to 9 months in lead time based on complexity. We meticulously tailor to your needs, ensuring a unique and fulfilling experience with every customized request.


From 3.5mm to 9mm

Our precision cutting targets thinner layers (±0.2mm tolerance) to maximize both material efficiency and top quality. Calibration: sanding grit 80


From 250mm to 500mm

Our range includes exclusive widths up to 500mm, tailored for unique, high-quality demands with unparalleled precision and care. Tolerance -1/+2MM


From 250mm to 6020mm

We produce top layers in natural proportions of short, medium, and long lengths, ensuring a balanced and authentic look. Step every 100mm or 200mm